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10 Amazing Mobile App Features You Might Not Know Exist

Part One of features, advantages and benefits. With 76% of adults now owning smartphones, Britain has become a distracted society. As smartphones become ever more embedded in our lives, we see new opportunities and challenges for the mobile sector, retailers, advertisers and beyond. This series will look at the features, advantages and benefits of mobile […]

10 Practical Steps To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

In the third and final part of our WordPress Security series, we look at practical steps that could be embraced to keep your website secure. The first article, Consequences of a WordPress Security Breach, highlighted the importance of WordPress security while the second article, Securing Your Website Against WordPress Vulnerabilities, described WordPress plug-ins as the […]

What Makes A Good Logo Design?

An eye-catching logo is vital for any business, since first impressions count and potential customers are likely to make a decision on your business often in a matter of seconds. Thus, considering the importance of branding one often wonders what actually makes a good logo design? In general, without being too technical, an effective logo […]

Securing Your Website Against WordPress Vulnerabilities

It shouldn’t take a recent warning from the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to alert users of WordPress-hosted websites of the imminent danger posed by hackers. However, the FBI’s warning has gone a long way in reminding individuals and businesses of the responsibility to secure their online asset by all means necessary, across the […]

Consequences of a WordPress Security Breach

This post is the first in a three-part series of articles relating to WordPress security. It examines the importance of securing your WordPress site by taking a look at some of the most important consequences of a security breach. It is no longer a secret that many businesses now use WordPress as their main content management system when […]

Why You Need A Responsive Website and How To Know If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

It is often frustrating to find oneself browsing a website that is not responsive i.e. mobile-friendly. Such websites typically consist of small texts, tiny links, and pages which are generally too wide and very difficult to scroll. In the vast majority of non-mobile-friendly websites, they are direct duplicates of their desktop version and look exactly the same […]

How To Promote Your Business Via Blogging

The steady rise in blog popularity coincides with the prevalence of the Internet in recent years. People can now access the World Wide Web more than ever before from a variety of devices locally or on the go. Consequently, individuals now have a great amount of control on what they and others read or share in the public domain. […]

Why Would I Require Someone To Write Content For My Website?

Good copywriting is an important asset to any business considering that stand-alone sales pages can no longer be considered enough to generate conversions in twenty-first century marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your products and/or services are if you can’t relay them to customers in a powerful and compelling manner. Consequently, the decision to hire a copywriter or […]