Build Powerful Mobile Apps for Your Business

Internet Creation are experts in of the field Mobile App Development in Scotland. Founded in 2000, we have years of experience in web and mobile design and are looking to use our skills to help UK businesses achieve a mobile app that will vault them into a leading position in their industry!

At Internet Creation, we strongly believe that mobile application development is one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of your competitors in the twenty-first century. Our approach to creating mobile apps for business means that we can help your company deliver the latest updates and services to clients’ fingertips by investing in native iOS and Android enterprise applications.

The Importance of Mobile Apps

How many times a day do you see someone playing with their mobile phone? The chances are you will probably lose count before you get to your lunch. The truth is mobile phones are no longer the traditional communication device they were in the past, they are used for so much more than that – it’s just everyday life. For the world of business however, owners should be taking advantage of this stigma by investing in mobile apps for their business.

The mobile phone app industry is becoming increasing popular in today’s digital world thanks in no small part to the proliferation of smartphone technology. Especially for businesses, large or small, mobile apps have the potential to improve aspects such as; sales and revenue, company brands, client relationships and expansion.

A recent global statistic by Cone Consumer revealed that the mobile presence of a company positively affects not only its overall reputation, but its brand awareness among potential clients. Thus, creating more channels for sales, increasing revenue. Below are some of the main benefits a business may experience when introducing an app.

  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Staying ahead of competitors
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Boost client retention
  • Improve customer support

Our Promise

We provide one of the best personal services available in Scotland, and it is our fundamental policy to do just that. With a track record of achieving positive working relationships with our clients, we always have their best interests at heart. Our experts at Internet Creation have extensive expertise when it comes to mobile app development and provide a first-class service which many of our current clients can vouch for. We follow a similar structure to our web design process.

Firstly, we start with a consultation at the planning stage. Here we will discuss aspects such as your business goals, styles and budget. Our app designs are tailored to your requirements so the more details you provide us with the better the result.

Secondly, we will use all the information gained at the planning stage to create the visual design for your mobile business app. Once the client is happy, we will then proceed to the development stage.

This stage involves all the technical aspects of mobile app development. We need to code it and ensure your app is fully functional without any problems. If the client is happy, we can finally launch the app and your business can start reaping the rewards!

The benefit of our apps is that, once launched, you can control the app directly from your phone without a computer. While the app will be independent from your business website and social-media profiles, you can easily link to these external sites to provide further marketing opportunities.

Furthermore, with push notifications and promotional pop-ups, you can ensure that your customers won’t miss out from any offers, incentives or news updates. Additional functionalities are also available through app widgets such as a discount calculator and currency converter, depending on your business needs. A summary of some of the main features of our business mobile apps are as follows.

  • Client loyalty scheme
  • Direct push notifications
  • Online booking system
  • Free app control management system
  • Mobile analytic and stat monitoring tool
  • Social media integration
  • Image gallery
  • Direction widgets with integrated GPS
  • Product display

At Internet Creation we keep in regular contact with our clients at each stage of this process to ensure all their requirements are being met by our app design team.

Want to find out more?

If you are concerned that we will not be able to develop an app for your specific industry, don’t worry! We have extensive experience working with clients in a range of industries. For a small set up and monthly fee, you can get started with your own business app. Request a free consultation today  by calling 01383 521080 or email to find our more!