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WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Services

We'll look after your website, so you don't have to.

Why Choose Us

Over our 18+ years in this business, we’ve come across most of the horror stories associated with websites. From small website faults to full blown hacks, we’ve seen the lot. Most times these issues can be resolved but sometimes, they just can’t. That’s why we believe prevention is key.

The importance of updates

WordPress are regularly updating their core with new features, bug fixes and essential security updates. They normally do this when a new vulnerability or problem has been identified within the platform in order to fix it.

If you don’t update, your website is at risk of having these vulnerabilities and problems exploited by hackers.

Superfast, Ultra-Secure Hosting

All websites start with a solid foundation. Our world class servers will improve the speed of your website and prevent security breaches right from the outset.

Monthly Maintenance

In order to keep your website secure and running as it should be, we’ll go in every month and perform all the necessary updates. As well as this, if WordPress releases an urgent security update, we’ll update your website immediately.

Daily Backups

To give our customers extra peace of mind, in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with your website, we’ve got you covered. We perform daily backups of every website we host so we’re ready should the worst happen.

Website Updates

Sometimes you need a small change made to your website and sometimes you just don’t have the knowledge or time to do this. We’ll take care of these small changes for you within 24 hours.

SSL Certificate Included

Google is putting more and more emphasis on websites having an SSL certificate. Not only will they penalise a website that doesn’t have one by displaying warning messages to users, they’ll actively boost websites that do have them in their search rankings.

Having an SSL certificate is a must and that’s why all the website on our maintenance program automatically get one installed as part of the price.

SSL Certificate included

Our Process

We have developed a seamless process that allows us to update your website without any down-time, maintenance screens or issues.

01. Backup & Migrate

Some people don’t realise that updating comes with a certain risk. Updates can often cause unforeseen issues that break your website so we like to have all avenues covered. Although we take daily backups of your website, we take another backup before performing any updates to make sure we have a copy of the most recent version of the website. We then migrate your site across to a staging environment. This is an exact copy of your site that allows us to perform updates safely. This means if anything does go wrong, your live website won’t be effected in the slightest!

02. Updates

If there’s an update to the WordPress core, we take a look at your websites setup in comparison to the changes to WordPress have highlighted with their update. This allows us to anticipate any potential issues when updating so we can either avoid them or fix them as soon as they arise. Again, should a problem come up, your live site won’t be effected. We then update the core along with all plugins and themes that are compatible with the new version of WordPress.

03. Checks

After we’ve gone through all of the required updates, we go through every page of your website comparing it to the live version to make sure everything looks as it should. If we spot any issues, we restore our backup and start the process again to identify what’s causing the problem. We also scan your site for any security vulnerabilities such as mixed content to make sure your website remains as secure as it possibly can be.