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Web Maintenance

Keep everything working and secure

Protect Your Site For Peace of Mind

Websites can be difficult to update and/or maintain. Therefore, Internet Creation provides an optional monthly support, maintenance and backup service for clients.

Support Package

Our support package will help clients to get the best from their content management system (CMS). We can work with your system administrator and/or content providers to make sure that your content is kept up to date. We can also provide training, content research and copywriting services for new and existing websites. In particular, our content management support services include managing event listings, products, news articles, blog posts, multimedia content, staff profiles and forms on a variety of web platforms.

Maintenance Package

Unfortunately, there are many websites that have never been updated or upgraded ever since they were launched. This is very dangerous because missing out on critical security updates makes these sites easy targets to hacking and malicious attacks. However, subscribing to our maintenance package, we will ensure that your website’s underlying technology (e.g. Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop, etc.) is always up to date so as to protect your site from software and core security vulnerabilities.

Backup Package

The importance of backing up your website files, database and content cannot be overemphasised. The effects of losing all of this critical information can be catastrophic and should be prevented by all means. With a proper backup of your website, you can quickly restore your site if anything goes wrong. This is why we strongly advise you to take up our Backup service for complete peace of mind. We will back up your site automatically on a weekly basis, keep your backup copy in a safe and secure location and make sure that all of the folders and sub-folders can be restored immediately.

What’s more? You can always contact us through our online support ticket. Note that third-party open source may be used, a monthly subscription fee is applicable and prices are dependent on request and based on hourly rates.