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Every business (small, medium, or large) should have a website but the process of designing a new website can be time consuming and complicated at times. A lot often depends on the complexity and goal of the project at hand. However, one thing is certain; whenever a new website is being created by an amateur or a professional website designer, mistakes do happen! Indeed, mistakes are more common than you may think, and avoidable mistakes are even more common. In this article, we will take a quick look at some web design mistakes you should avoid either when designing a website by yourself or having someone design a website for you.

Colour Blindness

When it comes to choosing a website’s colours, many new web designers get it all wrong. This might come as a surprise considering it should be ¬†pretty straightforward. In fact, what many do not realise is that there is a science to the colour schemes of websites so they just choose any colour that “looks alright” to them. However, the result you get is that your website would look bad when the mix of colours isn’t right. So think twice about colours before you get someone to build a website for you or do some research if necessary.


Sometimes when it comes to creating a new site, many designers only care about what they like and do not necessarily take other users into consideration. Consequently, they tend to make the mistake of taking things too far. Having a really fancy website cannot disguise the fact that they don’t really have a clue what they are doing. In fact, when you add too much to your website it becomes too complicated and could become too slow to load thereby hampering its success. Furthermore, you might actually loose web traffic coupled with a high bounce rate as a result of its lack of user friendliness.

Background music

Unless you are trying to recreate a website from the early 1990s you should really avoid having background music on your website…and I mean really!!! More often than not background music scares visitors away and can be quite annoying. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t want to visit your website if I’m in a library. In addition, it slows down the loading speed of your website.

Non-responsive Layout

If background music is so 1990s, then having a responsive web layout is what’s in vogue. Considering the proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, there is a good chance that you will get a lot more traffic from these devices. As a result, you shouldn’t make the mistake of not designing your site to be suitable for viewing on mobile devices.

Robots.txt or “noindex”

There could be so many reasons why you wouldn’t want a website to be indexed such as during the development phase. This could be done by either using a robots.txt file or a meta tag in the page header. However, you shouldn’t forget to re-index the site once it is ready to go live otherwise your site will not be found by search engines as a result of your forgetfulness.

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