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Okay, so you want to set up your own website. That’s great! You might be looking to launch a million pound business or you may just be looking to document your life in the form a blog page. Either way, you are most likely to be looking at using WordPress as your online platform tool, right? This is not unexpected, as around 50% of the World Wide Web is currently hosted by WordPress alone. To date, WordPress powers around 75 million websites across the globe. Not surprising really, as it offers thousands of plugins, widgets, designs and themes that facilitate in the building of absolutely any kind of website desired.

So where to start? Unless you are a techie, the world of WordPress may be slightly overwhelming and confusing. Essentially the concept of the tool is pretty simple but we must not forget that WordPress is an ever evolving model with constantly evolving products and services. Your business should and will need to be prepared to evolve right alongside it.

From the earliest stages of your website development, you will have to predict what will be the most effective and efficient way in attracting your customer base. That will start with the bare bones of knowing exactly what you want and then making sure everything on your site will work. You must check, recheck, and then recheck again before going live. You will need to test all your links and visit the website on all the popular browsers and keep reading your content over and over.

You will also need to consider the core foundation of your business, why are you setting up this website/app? What is the end goal, bigger picture? What are you hoping to achieve? How are you going to do this? Who is your client base? How do you reach out to them? How do you measure that? What is the best layout to use? So many aspects to consider.

As well as on-going maintenance, security and broken link checks, you will need to consider when the right time to add new features on to your website should be made. What are the benefits to this? How often should you do it?

Upgrades will need to be made at regular points to keep up with the changes experienced by your user base and/or new client market. You will always need to keep your website fresh and relevant.

With all this in mind, it may seem very overwhelming and scary to embark on a journey like this on your own but this is where a company like us come in to play. We are a website company that will tailor and support your online business. We will use our 18 years of experience to guide, shape and optimise your business that will meet the demands of your clients.

To start your new digital journey, please contact us on: 01383 521080 or [email protected]

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