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Clients continually ask if they require a WordPress maintenance package, simple answer is yes! WordPress websites need continuous monitoring, maintenance and upgrading. This is essential in providing a high quality site, as well as keeping it safe from hackers. A well run and ‘up to date’ website will be imperative in attracting and retaining customers.  By presenting a website that is relevant, fresh and in good working order it will attract new visitors and give reasons for existing customers to come back to the website. How your website is presented and maintained is absolutely crucial to how your business is perceived and we all know how lasting an impression can be.

At Internet Creation, we understand the importance of your business and that regular website maintenance will take up vital time.

Our monthly packages include-

– WordPress Updates

– Uptime Monitoring

– Critical security & website updates

– Scheduled Backups

– Malware & Performance Scans

– Reporting

It’s also important to consider that regular website maintenance is critical to search-engine rankings. Failure to make frequent modifications and vital updates to your website may cause your business to be pushed further below active competitors in the search engine listings. Keeping your website current and in its ‘newest’ form just makes simple business sense.

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