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The steady rise in blog popularity coincides with the prevalence of the Internet in recent years. People can now access the World Wide Web more than ever before from a variety of devices locally or on the go. Consequently, individuals now have a great amount of control on what they and others read or share in the public domain. This assumption makes it no surprise that the number of blogs and bloggers in the last 10 years has been similar to Internet penetration and adoption rates across the world. For example, according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), individuals using the internet have increased from 277,000,000 to 467,000,000 in Europe and 316,000,000 to 639,000,000 in The Americas, in the same period.


The act of blogging can be likened to discovering new powers. Individuals from every walk of life can now voice their opinions on a wide array of subjects at any time or location e.g. through a mobile device that is connected to the Internet. It’s little wonder that bloggers are becoming more influential in many aspects today’s society. Unfortunately, not many businesses have grasped this fact and many are in danger of being left behind. Not to worry, there is still time to rescue the situation and put your business back in the spotlight.

When it comes to business, there are two major ways you can take advantage of blogging.

First, you should actually host a blog on your company website that would speak for you and your business.  The task of setting up a company blog can be quite straightforward should you employ the services of a web development company. However, maintaining a blog for your business and keeping it up to date could be a challenge. After all, one of the hallmarks of blogging as opposed to mainstream media is the frequency and speed of reacting to news, events or responding to criticism on the Internet. This way, you can build trust among your readers and steadily increase the number of leads from your blog.

The second way to get the best possible value from blogging is by forming lasting relationships with authority bloggers in your business niche. Authority bloggers are those who have built a strong reputation with their audience over a period of time. They tend to be credible and have a large number of followers. Therefore, reaching out to these bloggers could be a way to gain prominence (for example, on search engines) and influence amongst potential customers.

Although, there are many ways to promote a business, you can never go wrong with blogging. It adds a human element to your business whereby readers can respond to your views without fear of censorship and/or interact with others by sharing your content via several social-media channels.

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