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Commercial Director, Ian Paltiel, was invited to attend a Business Networking Special evening “Internet Presence or Internet Failure”, organised by InVitebiznet at the Vine Conference Centre. As guest speaker for the evening, Ian focussed on what makes a good web presence.

Ian received a fantastic endorsement from Ian Thomson, Founder / Senior Trainer and Consultant at IT Turning Point.

“We had an InVite Business Networking Special Evening recently and the topic was “Internet Presence or Internet Failure”, a broad and challenging topic for small business to look at and handle. Our Guest speaker however, Ian Paltiel, Director of Internet Creation was up for the task. Ian started with the fact that he didn’t like the word failure and wanted to focus on what made a good internet presence. He took the attendees through the world of Internet statistics and how to have a web presence and optimise it for the best possible outcomes. From desktop to mobile and the possible need for an App for your business. Attendees had questions asked and answered as the evening went on. Challenging and very rewarding evening highlighting the ever changing world of being found on the Internet. Great informative talk thanks to Ian Paltiel for his time and experience.”


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