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10 Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Let me count the ways.

1.   They work offline. Your users can continue browsing your PWA even when the connection drops off. It’s all down to background JavaScript codes called Service Workers, which store information and resources in the device browser cache, ready for use when needed. Think of Service Workers like squirrels, caching away nuts for winter. Most of the time the resources lie undisturbed, but when the device moves out of range of a connection, the Service Worker brings out the buried resources to allow a seamless User Experience.

2.    UX: Best of Both Worlds. A PWA is a website that behaves like a native app. Unlike a website, it works without an internet connection (see above); unlike an app, it is not a cut-down version of the website. It feels and behaves like an app, with instant loading, smooth graphics and fast interactions BUT it doesn’t guzzle the storage or processing power resources that a app does. Users enjoy it, engage more and associate your business with a positive experience.

3.     Discoverable. Google recognises it as a website, and indexes it. No matter how great an app is, Google can’t see it. When customers search for a service you provide, your PWA is included in the results.

4.     Frictionless Downloading & Updating. Unlike an app, you don’t need to search through an App Store to find, select, download, confirm, install and open it. Users can agree to a pop-up button your website and the PWA will download to their device. Updates are instantly applied at the server end, so the latest version is always pushed to the user the next time the PWA is opened. No more sending notifications and hoping the user downloads the update.

5.     Home Screen Button. It’s not an app BUT it looks like one, remember? Once users have initiated the one-click download (above), the launch button is on their home screen, just like an app. Now your brand is on their phone and on their mind. You’re the go-to for the services you provide, not your competitor.

6.     Platform-Agnostic. Why is this good news? App users need to visit their own app store. The Apple Starbucks app won’t work on an Android phone. But Apple users don’t have to browse separate websites from Android or Microsoft phone users, do they? Neither do PWA users. PWA is a website, so it works equally well on all platforms. Best of both worlds, remember?

7.     Shareable.  Yes, it’s got an icon on the home screen, like an app. But it’s a website when you want it to be. Users can just send or post the URL and they are sharing the experience. You can’t do that with an app!

8.      Push Notifications. A website can’t send out push notifications like an app. But a PWA can. And a PWA can even alert your users when they don’t have either your PWA or even the browser open! It’s the ultimate in customer re-engagement!

9.      Secure. PWAs connect via HTTPS. This brings security, safety and privacy for you and your customers. Google favours HTTPS websites, too.

10.    SEO-Friendly. Because of all the above points, Google loves PWAs and promotes them. A discoverable URL means it’s indexed by the search engine giant. Good UX means low bounce rate and lots of return visits. Brownie points from Google. HTTPS connection means bonus points. Get your SEO right and you are top of the SERPS.

So, there you have it: ten advantages of PWAs.


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