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There are many social-networking sites on the Internet but for business professionals, none is more important than LinkedIn. With over 65 million registered business professionals around the world, it’s easy to see why. LinkedIn allows you to build connections and attract potential clients and customers you otherwise wouldn’t. Indeed, if you want your business to grow and succeed in the modern era, adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can only be a good thing. As more businesses join LinkedIn, its potential is limitless and you cannot afford to be left out. This article discusses 5 free ways you can increase the visibility of your business on LinkedIn.

Getting Started

First, you need to create a LinkedIn account and complete your profile. This will give you a platform to get started on marketing yourself and your business to other registered members. Furthermore, by regularly updating your LinkedIn profile and online status you will make yourself available for others to find you through LinkedIn’s built-in search facility.

Build A Company Page

Now that you have created a LinkedIn profile, you will be able to either create or link to an existing company page. A company page provides additional opportunity to showcase your employees and highlight your business by sharing content and providing relevant information about your products and/or services. You can also take advantage of your LinkedIn company page by using it to attract targeted followers who will be able to keep track of your company news, updates, and announcements.

Group Membership

Finding and joining groups that are related to your business and interests is not enough. To properly increase your business’s visibility on LinkedIn, you also need to participate actively in conversations and make meaningful contributions. Apart from being recognised as an expert in your field, doing so will help you gain increased exposure for your business and build long lasting relationships with other professionals in your field or local area.

Get Others To Follow & Recommend Your Business

By placing the LinkedIn Recommend Button on your company website or LinkedIn company page, you can showcase recommendations for products and services that you offer. With customer recommendations, you will get authentic and credible endorsements that can bring you even more customers and recommendations. Furthermore, adding a Follow button to your website, and inviting others to follow is a great way to build stronger networks that will provide long-term benefits for your business.

Engage Your Audience

Garnering recommendations and followers is simply no longer sufficient. You have to engage your audience with relevant content. As the saying goes, “content is king” and it is a well known fact that Internet users tend to find interactive content more interesting. You should therefore post videos, SlideShare presentations and images to capture the imagination of your follower community. In addition, publish frequently and encourage your followers to like, comment and share your content with others to further increase the visibility and reach of your business.

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