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Ian Paltiel, Commercial Director of Internet Creation, the Dunfermline based, WEB / Mobile App Company, was invited by West Fife Enterprise to give an Employer’s perspective talk to trainees and teaching staff from several of the Employability Project’s programme groups at their Forthview Learning Centre headquarters in Newmills Fife.


The presentation was well attended by 26 trainees and teaching staff of West Fife Enterprise.

As a business owner, Ian’s theme focused on an employer’s expectations of new members of staff and also the business expectations of trainees and students who had been seconded to Internet Creation on work experience.

Eddie Traynor, Employment Liaison Officer said “Ian’s presentation could not have come at a more opportune moment. Our latest intake of trainees are about to embark upon their work experience placements”.

Mr Traynor continued “…the way in which Ian was able to interweave his own personal story of career progression, with that of him now being a successful business owner, in a highly competitive sector, was indeed quite magical whilst at the same time being pertinent and relevant”


The presentation was well received by all those who attended and it inspired a number of positive questions fielded by the audience during the plenary session.

Training Programme Co-ordinator and temporary CEO, Maureen Nisbet, added “This particular presentation facilitated by Mr Paltiel has impressed both trainees and members of staff alike that we would wish to invite him back on a regular basis should time and his business commitments permit”.

Some audience observations;

“Extremely relevant…Ian addressed the fact that, with the right attitude anything is possible…” Jenny McGuire (employability tutor);

“An inspiring story…it made me feel that it was Ok to have many different jobs…it is attitude and “give it all you have” that is important…do this, be positive and it will turn out for the best…” Brian Swan (trainee);

“Ian is exceptionally good motivational speaker…he tells it how it is…says it in a language the trainees understand and a way that they can identify with” Lorna Couper (literacy and employability tutor);

“He was really good…made the impression that it’s not the qualifications that are important but having the right attitude and commitment” (Anon trainee);

“Inspiring but in a language the trainees understood…very impressed” Vicky Ferguson Employment Liaison Officer).


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