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Today we recognise #WorldMentalHealthDay2022 and we want you to stop and consider how digital technology can impact your wellbeing. 💻📲🖥️

We are sharing our top 4 tips to maintain a positive digital wellbeing experience. 🥰

  1. Consider your digital habits. If you spend too much time on social media, does it make you feel anxious? Perhaps it’s time to refocus on what digital messages you want to receive and how negative messaging can impact your wellbeing.
  2. Monitor your digital activity. Too much screen time can make you question where the day went. Most smartphones now have the ability to monitor your activity so you can analyse the time you spend on each digital device.
  3. Set and stick to boundaries. How many apps do you have? Can you resist an online sale? Disabling notifications or putting your device on ‘Do Not Disturb’ can help you be more present in life, and be more mindful of your feelings.
  4. Aeroplane mode. We all need a good sleep without phones flashing or vibrating and interrupting our sleep. Facebook can wait so our recommendation is to pop that phone on aeroplane mode and let your body rest.


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