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Part Two of features, advantages and benefits.

Mobile App development is one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of your competitors in an era where technology is constantly advancing. Here are some of the advantages that a Mobile App has over other marketing platforms.

1. Advertising

Physical advertising is slowly becoming less effective as you’re likely to forget the billboard you seen on your way to work this morning. However as over 76% of adults now own smartphones, this is a type of advertising that is constantly at your customers fingertips. 

2. Social Media

Mobile Apps are able to directly connect with Social Media accounts, meaning connectivity is higher across platforms and traffic is increased. This also allows your customer to sign in with their Social Media logins. 




2. Push Messages

Push notifications allow you to send information quickly to users, providing valuable and relevant information, even when the app is closed. This is highly beneficial as many mobile Apps have a large inactive customer base who have downloaded it but no longer use it. Push notifications also provide up to date information, encourage engagement and involvement. 

3. Loyalty Schemes

Stamped loyalty cards are becoming a thing of the past, people forget about them, or lose them in the depths of their wallet or handbag… Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the loyalty scheme was on your customers smartphone? This is something a mobile App can provide, the phone could be scanned on purchase and points easily collected.

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4. Information

Content is advertised clearly and provides only the essential information which make Apps user friendly and effective. Although there is pretty much unlimited scope for how much information you want to provide, making Apps a blank canvas ready to personalise with your brand.

5. Usability

More people now access the internet through their smartphones than computers because they tend to find mobile apps easier to use as well as having more functionality. Push notifications are simpler and straight to the point in comparison to emails. Additionally, Apps allow your customer to reach the information they require by eliminating clicks.

6. Speed

As technology advances, society becomes more impatient. We know what we want and we want it now. Desktop computers and laptops take time to start up, whereas our smartphones are constantly at hands reach and the App can be opened within seconds. All of the required information is stored in a mobile App, so there is no waiting time for an internet connection!


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