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SEO can be a frustrating marketing channel for companies to invest in but to reap the fruits of online marketing it is a necessary process. SEO depending on the competitiveness of the niche can take anywhere between 3 months to a year to see yield great results. All too often a local business will try a 3-month trial and stop proceeding any further because there has been no initial return on investment. Often after three months’ rankings have come up from being ranked outside the top 100 to page 2 and if they would have stayed on a couple more months, they could have been ranked in the top three for all their main keywords.

KDM Shopfitting are fit out contractors from Fife and stand as a prime example of a company that stuck with SEO for well over a year and seen great results.

Plan Of Action Undertaken On KDM Shopfitting

 Technical Fixes

 At Internet Creation, we audit every client’s site and investigate the three main areas of SEO. Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off Page SEO. KDM’s site didn’t have too many underlying technical issues but there were a few areas we improved. The site had a couple of broken pages which were showing 404 errors. Google does not favour sites which have broken pages as it lowers the quality of the site and provides a poor user experience. To solve this issue we used 301 redirects to make sure the old pages were pointed to a relevant page that still existed on the site. This means if anyone types in the URL of the old page they are automatically redirected to the page we placed the redirect to.

On Page Fixes 

 Having the correct keywords in your content, h1/h2 tags and metadata is crucial for ranking for your chosen keywords. We used our keyword research software to find relevant keywords to KDM Shopfitting which had a strong monthly search volume. Once we discussed with KDM which of these keywords would be most profitable to their business we placed them in the Title Tag and Meta Description.

The image above shows the title tag “KDM Shop Fitters | Shopfitting Contractors | Fit Out Contractors”. As you can see the title tag has all the main keywords in it. The meta description is the sentence underneath and although this is not a direct ranking factor, it helps click-through rates, which is a ranking factor.

KDM ShoppfittingThe snippet above is from the homepage. We added in keywords to the H1 (heading) and wrote 400 words of relevant content with keyword integration.

Off Page Fixes

Off-page fixes include link building and signing up to local directories. One of the issues with KDM is we spotted duplicate listings on various online directories like YELP and Yell. The duplicate listings had slightly different versions of address and name. This causes Google confusion and can seriously drop local rankings. We undertook a citation clean up and got in touch with all the directories and made sure only one correct listing was being shown. This helped us gain back our ranking in the mappack for the search term “ shop fitter fife”

KDM Shoppfitter Fife

Continuing Work

 To maintain rankings SEO work needs to continue. For KDM we update their blog with keyword rich articles and used our special LinkedIn strategy to drive traffic to their site.


The image above shows how we drove over 500 visitors to the site with our LinkedIn strategy. If you would like to try our proven LinkedIn strategy get in contact with us. In addition, we build high-quality backlinks from reputable sites to hold our rankings.

KDM Shopfitting Results

 We have helped KDM rank for some great national shopfitting terms.

Ranking improvements

And Increase their organic traffic over the past year.

If you would like to grow your online visitors like KDM then get in touch with us today.

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