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Over the course of the last decade or so, global organisations and local businesses have had a real focus on increasing their digital presence in an effort to increase the chance of business success. Presence via websites, social media platforms and optimized pages have been the more popular routes, however more recent strategies have evolved around mobile applications. Mobile apps are now more popular than ever, and businesses are taking advantage of this. Apps aren’t going anywhere any time soon, but they are evolving. The same can be said for mobile app trends. Even when a business releases an app, it is very important to keep a look out for future app designs and trends.

Below is a list of, what we think are, possible future app designs that businesses should be aware of coming into 2019.

1. Voice

“Alexa, do this. Alexa, do that.” We now live in a world where everything seems to rely on voice activation. Eventually, everything will respond to voice commands. Understanding how screen-based apps will work with voice commands, as well as how they work with the current mobile app trends is going to be very important in the coming years. It provides an opportunity for businesses to communicate with their consumers on a more personal level.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things isn’t a new concept, in fact it has been around for quite some time. It is a network of physical devices, digital appliances and objects that are able to exchange data. Although the concept isn’t new, the idea that it is very much an expectation nowadays will provide a terrific opportunity for businesses to create apps that control, for example, the appliances in one’s home.

3. Wearable Apps

This is perhaps the most interesting of future mobile app trends. The release of the Apple Watch Series 3 at the end of 2017 opened the door for mobile app developers. It has the ability to send and receive calls, emails, messages and stream music without being connected to your mobile phone – I guess that was the whole point of introducing an Apple Watch in the first place! However, the next logical step for developers would be to create new kinds of wearable apps that can run on the watch’s own network. This is definitely one to look out for in the next couple of years.

4. Augmented Reality

We have talked about future trends in the market, but in terms of the developers who use the latest technology on a daily basis, there is one thing we would like to note. Augmented reality is now much easier to utilise within mobile apps due to the release of the ARKit and ARCore by Apple and Android respectively. These tools save months of time dedicated to coding and have enabled more realistic interactions for users. We definitely suggest to keep your eyes peeled for Augmented Reality features as, in our eyes, it is a huge future app design feature.

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