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If you think back 5 to 10 years, you will simply remember the mobile phone as an ordinary device that was solely used for communicating with those in your social circle. Man are those days truly gone! We now live in a world where a large percentage of our daily routines involve being on our mobile phones. Whether it be for business, pleasure or even just for communication purposes, it is an absolute certainty that you will find yourself swiping and typing at least a handful of times a day. With that being said, the introduction of mobile applications (mobile apps) have become the centre of attention for business’ over the last few years. The benefits of having a mobile app for your business are endless so if you haven’t already, you really should think about introducing one to your customers. Below we provide a bunch of reasons why you should get an app built for your business.


Engage With Your Customers

There is no better way for you to reach your customers than through the device they use every day of the week. Mobile apps bring your brand to the forefront of your customers mind for the simple reason that it is right at their finger-tips. Unsurprisingly the majority of customers prefer a simple and easy process!

Furthermore, mobile apps provide an opportunity for your business to bond better with its customers. Personalised aspects of mobile apps can help you to find out what each individual customers want. By asking them to provide their information when initially signing up to your app, you can then customise their homepage based on their needs increasing satisfaction levels in the process. Customer satisfaction has often been related to increased sales so if you provide an excellent customer service, you will most likely make more money. Mobile apps do just that!

Brand Awareness

A business should always be looking for ways to imbed its brand into people’s lifestyles and purchasing habits. It shouldn’t be just about selling a product and that’s it. It is important for a business to gain trust and association from its clients in order to increase customer loyalty. Having a mobile app means that your customers have your brand right at their fingertips without having to search for it – and that is exactly what people want!


Increased Security

From a customer’s perspective, security is one of the main worries that we all face when purchasing a product or service online. There is an increasing vulnerability of users being hacked at the payment stage, which may affect their decision to buy a product or service. Mobile apps enable users to bypass the need of filling in their private information again and again by implementing an in-app payment option that is stored behind encryption – not to mention the short and simple process! With the increase in frauds, customers will look for more secure ways to pay for products, which is exactly what mobile apps provide.


Easy Review Process

One of the main indicators of running a successful business is making sure that you are always improving. Mobile apps make the review process a whole lot easier. Gaining customer feedback is probably not as easy as it sounds, but because mobile apps allow it to be completed with just a few swipes on a phone, it is more likely to happen regularly. By incorporating customer feedback into the review process, your business can potentially gain a lot more in terms of user visits and satisfaction – and that is exactly what every business needs to succeed!


From a business perspective, a mobile app can help manage the internal operations of your business. Employees can stay in continuous communication due to the messaging features that mobile platforms provide. However, when considering all aspects, it really comes down to consumer demand. If your customers are not happy with the service that they are receiving, then it is highly unlikely that they will continue to follow your brand. Mobile apps for business really are at the forefront of digital technology.


It makes perfect sense for businesses to reach their customers where they are almost always available – on their mobile phones! If you haven’t already got one, then now is the perfect time to get started. Contact us  today to request a free consultation by calling 01383 521080 or alternatively you can email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!





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